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About c++ : How-to-get-the-number-of-open-file-descriptors-in-docker

Question Detail How can I get the number of open file descriptors in docker or in general all the statistic related. https://docs.datadoghq.com/containers/docker/data_collected/#:~:text=docker.container.open_fds,Shown%20as%20file Question Answer No answer for now.

About c++ : How-to-add-requisites-dynamically-in-makefile

Question Detail I’m learning how to use makefiles for complex projects. I got it working but I don’t know how to add pre-requisites under certain conditions without specifying them one by one. In this...

About c++ : c-new-and-this-return-different-addresses

Question Detail I have some code similar to this: #include <iostream> class Grandparent { public: virtual void foo() {}; }; class Parent : public Grandparent { public: virtual void bar() {}; }; class Child...