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About python : VSCode-Python-debugging-doesnt-have-same-PATH-as-interpreter

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Essentially, using the debugger doesn’t seem to be loading my .zshrc while the integrated terminal does. i.e. this simple test outputs different code when I debug vs. when I just call pytest in the terminal:

class TestPath(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_path(self):
        import os

This is a problem for me as I use shutil.which(...) to find executables. I know it’s finding the correct Python since sys.version yields the same results in both the debugger REPL and through terminal.

I even added the following block to my settings.json which I never had before to explicitly point to the correct shell:

    "terminal.integrated.profiles.linux": {
      "zsh (login)": {
        "path": "/usr/bin/zsh",
        "args": ["-l"]
    "terminal.integrated.defaultProfile.linux": "zsh",
    "terminal.integrated.automationShell.linux": "/usr/bin/zsh",

This has never been problem till recently, and I’ve had lots of debugging related issues since VSCode 1.62. I’ve downgraded twice and even set "update.mode" : "none", but Bill seemingly keeps hacking in and forcing me to upgrade.

Any insight is appreciated!


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Could you try to update the Python Extension? some people have run across a similar problem, you can have a look at this link.

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