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About python : Setting-config-for-completion-and-history-in-a-virtualenv

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I am still learning Python and nowadays I discover the use of virtualenv.

I run LMDE2 (based on Debian 8) which provide Python 2.7 (OS default) & Python 3.4. I manually installed Python 3.6.

In a virtualenv with python3.6 (chosen with -p option) the console as no history or command completion… and neither does the pdb command line.
If I try python2.7 console: same result. But python3.4 just works fine (history and completion)…

All this works outside the virtualenv. I found some questions about IPython completion & history, but it works on my virtualenv. If someone has any clue on where I can fix this up I’d be happy.
I do not think that this is an OS specific question.

Thanks for comments before down-voting, it’s hard enough for a newcomer to build a reputation here…

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No answer for now.

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