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About python : RHEL-Permission-Denied-whilst-trying-to-Run-Robot-Framework

Question Detail

I am setting up Robot Framework on RHEL 8.4. I have python 3.6 installed on my machine. However, when I try to run robot from within python virtual environment it throws

-ksh: robot: cannot execute [Permission Denied]

I also ran whereis robot and gave all permissions to the robot file.

The error happens when I am trying to run robot as a user other than root from within the virtual environment however, it works fine when run within virtual environment as root.

However, I am not keen to continue normal development as root and would like this to work via my normal user.

Question Answer

It sounds quite strange but upgrading PIP resolved the issue.

While creating a new project. Select the parent directory to the folder where the RobotFramework file is stored. It will solve the problem.

C:\Robot Framework

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