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About python : Getting-username-or-directory-through-sockets-Python

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Context: There is a python coding assignment being made that will be uploaded on a course server. Each student will have their own account on this server, and hence their own home directory where they will run their code. They will be able to connect to a different program on the same server through sockets. The program they connect to will be running 24/7 and is common to all of them.

The situation is that we want to keep track of what messages are being sent to this common program and by whom. Is there a way, through sockets or anything, to be able to identify where this message came from (which user or which directory). We have a python program they use to send messages to the common program but if we hardcode the student ID, they can still change the code. They have their own username and password for the course server so I was hoping I could incorporate their linux username somehow. What would be the best way to achieve what I need?

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No answer for now.

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