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About python-3.x : How-do-you-properly-create-a-pythonpath-for-a-mavlink-environment

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For a project I am currently trying to install Mavlink onto a Linux Ubuntu (v20.04.4) using Oracle Virtualbox (v6.1) using python (v3.8) on a machine named test with the user named test. Using the given instructions provided by Install Mavlink, it states to set pythonpath as PYTHONPATH=path_to_root_of_cloned_mavlink_repository. But no matter what I try ranging from =’/home/test/mavlink/pymavlink’ to =home/test/mavlink, there has been no indication that it is properly working as no feedback is given after the command and modules are still not being found by the terminal. So my question is if I am using the right command for my versions of programs or if I am even doing the file path right by linux standards. The file path given after downloading the github mavlink repository is “Cloning into ‘/home/test/mavlink/pymavlink’…”

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No answer for now.

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