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About php : How-to-easily-enabledisable-ChromeEclipse-debugger

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I am using Google Chrome, Eclipse 2020 to Xdebug PHP on Manjaro Linux. I don’t want Eclipse to run the debugger every time I need to check the script. Is there a way (an easy way) to disable Xdebug and re-enable it every time I want? Thank you!

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Yes, use one of the browser extensions, as is explained in the Xdebug documentation: http://xdebug.org/docs/step_debug#web-application

You can just toggle whether Xdebug needs to initiate a request or not. The IDE needs to be in “listen mode”, although I am not sure whether this is something that Eclipse supports. PhpStorm and the Xdebug plugin for VS Code do.

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