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About parsing : Why-doesnt-NASM-have-trouble-with-valid-instruction-mnemonics-as-symbol-names-in-operands

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I wrote the following simple program, but nasm refuses to compile it.

section .text
    global _start

    mov rax, 0x01 
    mov rdi, 0x01
    mov rsi, str
    mov rdx, 0x03

    mov rax, 60

segment .data
    str db 'Some string'

nasm -f elf64 main.asm
main.asm:15: error: comma, colon, decorator or end of line expected after operand

As I read in this answer this is because str is an instruction mnemonic. So I added a colon to str and now it compiles fine. But what about the line

mov rsi, str

str is an instruction mnemonic here, but it still compiles fine. Why?

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