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About linux : ZOC-Terminaltext-has-been-cut-halfway-down-the-page

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I work with ZOC terminal installed at windows 7 in order to communicate with device that has Linux operating system zoc picture.
The communication via terminal works great but recently the text has been cut halfway down the page.
attached picture .

Question Answer

The picture shows 24 lines. You can get this behavior if your terminal description sets scrolling margins to 24 lines — as some might do, when initializing the terminal if the application assumes that the screen has 24 lines.

Since ZOC could be connecting via a serial port, that may not allow negotiations about window size (NAWS). You might then see that stty -a shows 24 lines in its output. ZOC is said to emulate a VT100; you can usually adjust its notion of screensize either directory (using stty) or using the resize program (which calls the same system functions as stty as a side-effect).

Alt+y solved the issue I had..

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