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About linux : Why-didnt-I-get-segmentation-fault-when-storing-past-the-end-of-the-BSS

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I’m experimenting with assembly language and wrote a program which prints 2 hardcoded bytes into stdout. Here it is:

section .text
     global _start

     mov eax, 0x0A31
     mov [val], eax
     mov eax, 4
     mov ebx, 1
     mov ecx, val
     mov edx, 2

     int 0x80

     mov eax, 1
     int 0x80

 segment .bss
     val resb 1;   <------ Here

Note that I reserved only 1 byte inside the bss segment, but actually put 2 bytes (charcode for 1 and newline symbol) into the memory location. And the program worked fine. It printed 1 character and then newline.

But I expected segmentation fault. Why isn’t it occured. We reserved only 1 byte, but put 2.

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