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About linux : Terminus-opening-to-the-wrong-path

Question Detail

When I open Terminus the command line continually opens to the wrong path.

It automatically goes to this –


When I want to it open to


I can change it manually using cd dapptutorial and works fine. However, if I close out of the terminal and then open it back again it automatically reverts to ~/dapptutorial/src$.

Is there a way to specify the path here so that it opens where I want it to?


Question Answer

at first you should find the absolute path of ~/dapptutorial by this commnad:

cd ~/dapptutorial; passwd

the absolute path is some thing like this /UserName/dapptutorial

then add cd /AbsolutePath to the end of your ~/.bash_profile. This is executed only for interactive logins and add cd /AbsolutePath to the end of your ~/.bashrc.

finally it automatically goes to ~/dapptutorial instead of ~/dapptutorial/src

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