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About linux : sosex-alternative-for-linux-net-core-memory-dumps

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I am trying to analyze a 10GB memory dump of a .NET Core linux process. I am trying to use the dotnet dump analyze command, but there is a problem – gcroot gets stuck for hours producing no result.

I am accustomed to analyzing memory dumps of the windows .Net processes using WinDBG and sosex. There we can build the heap index (bhi) once and it is used by other commands, like the ultra useful refs or mdt or strings commands. Sosex was exceptionally useful and it worked. Here with the linux dump I must be doing something wrong, because I am unable to get gcroot working.

Has anyone been successful in analyzing 10GB memory dumps? I am able to run dumpheap, but without references to the objects of interest I have no idea how to proceed. In general, I feel the core dump debugging experience in linux is abysmal when compared to that using WinDBG + sosex on windows. I must be doing something terribly wrong. Is there a sosex alternative for linux?

I do not know if it matters, but I am using WSL2, so not a real Linux box.

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No answer for now.

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