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About linux : Root-access-is-required-to-install-to-usrlocalbin-while-installing-ksync

Question Detail

I am trying to install this library called ksync: https://github.com/ksync/ksync

By doing: curl https://ksync.github.io/gimme-that/gimme.sh | bash

But I always get a “Root access is required to install to /usr/local/bin”

Even if I try to install it with sudo a providing the root password, I get the same message.

No matter if I try on a mac or linux, it’s same issue.

Why is that? Any idea?

Question Answer

You need to run bash as root, not curl. So it should be:

curl https://ksync.github.io/gimme-that/gimme.sh | sudo bash

Also, when sudo asks for the password, it wants your password, not the root password.

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