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About linux : ptrace-get-tracee-call-method-info

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        word_t instr = peek_reg(tracee, CURRENT, INSTR_POINTER);
        Dl_info info;
        dladdr(reinterpret_cast<const void *>(instr), &info);
        if(info.dli_fname!= nullptr&&info.dli_sname!= nullptr){
            PLOGE("ptrace pc symbol   %s  %s ",info.dli_fname,info.dli_sname)
        } else{
            PLOGE("ptrace pc symbol == null     %s   ",dlerror())

Because tracee and tracer are two processes, you can not write this, and the info content you is null。

Is there another good way to get the function symbol that tracee is executing I can now get the full register of tracee。

Question Answer

No answer for now.

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