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About linux : Problem-In-Androind-Application-After-Decompile-and-again-compile-its-not-installing-in-android

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First I creat payload its, done no problem in that after i decompile payload.apk by apktool d -f payload.apk

after the i had decompile original.apk

apktool d orignal.apk

after decompile payload apk i move paylod.smali file into original file

from directory payload/smali/com/metasploit/stage to original/smali/com/metasploit/stage/Payload.smali

after move payload.smali i compile original apk sourse which i decompile before

apktool b orignal

after compile prosess it,s done with out any error and apk genrated in orignal/dist folder
then i move to apk in android phone then ist show app not installled plz tell me whta cani do

Question Answer

No answer for now.

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