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About linux : NixOS-v2111-Updating-packages-from-unstable-channel

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I am new to NixOS and I can appreciate the benefits of being able to manage multiple version of the same package in parallel plus having a complete system setup in one ‘configuration.nix’ file.

However, there are a couple

  1. How can I update one specific package from the unstable channel within the configuration.nix file?
  2. I use PyCharm for Data Science and although I have tried to set an interpreter through so many options such as conda, docker, virtualenv, shell.nix … none of them to work for PyCharm to detect a valid interpreter and therefore run my scripts. Ideally, my preferred option is to use shell.nix

Any help on one of these 2 or maybe both questions will be greatly appreciated!!

Question Answer

No answer for now.

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