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About linux : Linux-Process-State-Code-I

Question Detail

I am new to linux kernel.
I just saw kernel states with ps ax.
And I saw the manual with man ps and google.

Finally I could not find what STAT I denotes for.
A lot of kworkers or filesystems are in this I state.
So, I thought it was a kind of new classification of state because the manual did not explain, and that it belonged to kernel.
I would like to know what is this I state and when it was created?

I do not mean l state which denotes for ‘the process is multithreaded’.
I am running it on latest archlinux.

Question Answer

ps queries procfs – /proc/[PID]/stat – for the process state. proc(5) says:


         Status information about the process.  This is used by ps(1).
         It is defined in the kernel source file fs/proc/array.c.

And fs/proc/array.c says those tasks are idle.

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