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About linux : linking-v4l2-into-a-linux-kernel-driver-module-for-ar1335-camera

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I have a camera driver consisting of one source file and two headers. It relies on V4L2.
I am attempting to compile this driver on the Raspberry Pi 4B and add it to my existing Raspberry Pi OS installation. I am running the latest Lite version of Raspberry Pi OS found here. Linux kernel version 5.10.63-v8+.

I have already compiled the .dtbo and added it to /boot/overlays.


obj-m += ar1335_mcu.o

KDIR = /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build

    make -C $(KDIR) M=$(shell pwd) modules

    make -C $(KDIR) M=$(shell pwd) clean

I run make and the corresponding ar1335_mcu.ko is created.

I then run sudo insmod ar1335_mcu.ko and it errors with:

insmod: ERROR: could not insert module ar1335_mcu.ko: Unknown symbol in module

Running dmesg | tail shows:

[13375.259670] ar1335_mcu: Unknown symbol v4l2_fwnode_endpoint_parse (err -2)

So it is not finding the v4l2 function v4l2_fwnode_endpoint_parse. How do I fix this? I have already done sudo apt install libv4l-dev. Is there a missing step in my process to compile the driver module?

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No answer for now.

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