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About linux : Iterm2-alt-backspace-Like-Linux

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I changed my job and now I have a Macbook for working I configured Iterm2 with zsh and almost everything is working, but certain shortcuts aren’t, one of the most used by me every day “alt+backspace” to delete a word before a special character appears, I tried a lot of things with the Hexa code an so on, in most cases it is almost working, but it deletes the entire line

Example :

ls /tmp/file1

With alt+ backspace this will delete the complete text /tmp/file1 while on Linux it will just delete file1

Is there some way to configure Iterm2 to have the same behaviour than in Linux for this shortcut ?

I tried things like this

iTerm and alt+backspace

But it’s not working as in Linux.

Question Answer

No answer for now.

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