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About linux : install-and-run-docker-in-a-debian-docker-container

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Today, I successfully built and ran an amd64-Debian docker image on my raspberry pi though my pi is arm64. As shown here The pi host is aarch64 and docker image is x86_64.
My final goal is to run the x86_64 volumio docker image “jbonjean/volumio” on my raspberry pi. My thought is to install docker in this amd64-Debian docker container. But it is really tricky to get docker in this docker container run and publish HTTP service. I did some research and found that the binding /var/run/docker.socket of both the host and the one in the container is a solution. However, the docker can indeed run in this amd64-Debian container, but the volumio can still not be accessed via the HTTP web.

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No answer for now.

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