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About linux : how-to-write-a-linux-service-to-start-a-service-on-computer-A-after-a-service-in-computer-B-is-up-and-runningcomputer-A-and-B-are-in-same-network

Question Detail

in my senario I have an linux service on computer that need to run after a service in computer B(computer A and B are in same network).how can I use system.d to do this job?

Question Answer

There are several solutions to this scenario, the simplest solution is to write a bash script like bellow.
before that you should set ssh-key between 2 linux computer.

at first open a file.

   nano /usr/bin/script.sh 

and Put the following line in it.

ssh root@computerA  'systemctl start YOURServicName'

now you need to run this bash Script as SystemD Service in computer B.

Description=My Shell Script



for more info use this link.

You need to add this line in your B.service file:


I hope my explanation was useful.

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