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About linux : how-to-solve-HADOOPPREFIX-replaced-by-HADOOPHOME-error

Question Detail

I’m new to hadoop.Every time i run any command on hadoop i get a warning :

WARNING: “HADOOP_PREFIX has been replaced by HADOOP_HOME. Using value of HADOOP_PREFIX.

How to get rid of this warning and why it appears. I’m using

export $HADOOP_PREFIX="my hadoop address"

What should i need to do ? I’m using Kali Linux. I also search for HADOOP_HOME in my hadoop directory using grep command and then replace them with HADOOP_PREFIX.

Question Answer

I just solved my problem by simply follow the instruction: http://dbversity.com/warning-hadoop_home-is-deprecated/

and replace the command unset HADOOP_HOME to unset HADOOP_PREFIX
or simply edit ~/.bashrc and replace HADOOP_PREFIX to HADOOP_HOME.

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