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About linux : How-to-print-the-results-in-tab-separted-using-linux-commands

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for i in `cat /home/htvam/muthu/mbovis/uk_fastq/trim_files/sub_list.txt`

   for j in `cat /home/htvam/muthu/mbovis/uk_fastq/trim_files/fn_pos.txt`

        echo "$i\t\c"
        echo "$j\t\c"   
        echo "$(samtools view "$i"_dup_mapped_sorted.bam  NC_000962.3:$j-$j | awk '{if($2<1023) print}' | wc -l)\t\c"
        echo "$(samtools view "$i"_dup_mapped_sorted.bam  NC_000962.3:$j-$j | awk '{if($2>1023) print}' | wc -l)"


sub_list.txt contains

  • ERR125598
  • ERR125599

fn_pos.txt contains

  • 14401
  • 62049
  • 71336
  • 4386228
  • 4394265
  • 4395387
  • 4395804

It output results like:

But I need the next sample “i” in a list should print the tab instead of newline like

Question Answer

No answer for now.

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