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About linux : How-to-output-npm-build-error-log-files-from-linux-hosted-agents-in-vsts

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Trying to use the Linux build agents on vsts to build an angular application. For some reason it fails on the agent and I would like to get the full details in the log files. Any examples on how to get that sent to the output from the hosted build agents in vsts using a vsts build task?

Question Answer

To get the log files from Hosted agent, you just need to add Copy Files task and Publish Build Artifacts task in your build definition. Detail steps as below:

  1. Add Copy Files task after the task you failed

    After the task you failed (as the failed log you showed), add Copy Files task with below settings:

  2. Add Publish Build Artifacts task after Copy Files task

    The Publish Build Artifacts task settings as below:

  3. Queue the build agent again

    After the build finished, download the build artifacts to get the log files:

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