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About linux : How-to-configure-apache-virtual-host-with-random-port-on-Centos-7

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I need to configure my apache Virtual host by hostname with random port(not 80 or 443).I have already configured my virtual host with port 80.It works but now I need to configure it with random port (7347).I know it is not secure this just for test.
I have done everything just like I did for first virtual host but I have changed the port number to 7347 on my conf file. Also I wrote ServerName and added my new address to my httpd.conf file.
I added the same ip address and my new hostname(domain name) to host file in my windows to try if it works.(I did that for first virtual host too and it works).Site worked but it shows me the same index.html file which I wrote for first site.
What steps should I follow to reach success? I need to configure 3’rd virtual host too after that and I need all of them work in the same time.
Additional information I am using Centos 7

I didn’t know what to add If there is any information needed ask please

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No answer for now.

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