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About linux : How-do-I-use-windres-and-windmc-on-Linux-Crosscompiling-Rust

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Note: My question is NOT “how do I make this compile” or “how to fix this rust app”. I am simply giving the Rust info for context, and maybe it can give someone a clue of the issue.

I am asking: how do I use or install the windres and windmc commands on Linux?

On Arch and Ubuntu manpages and etc. I have been able to find docs for the commands “windres” and “windmc”.

I am compiling a Rust project on Linux that uses the winres package. For some reason, the compiler keeps throwing the following error:

extern crate winres;
  | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ can't find crate

While, my other Windows crates are working (winapi, etc).

I am thinking, the incompatibility is related to windres command not being on the system. Regardless if this fixes the Rust issue or not, I should be able to solve my task with access to even just the windres command itself.

I feel like I am missing a specific package for windres that I am unable to find. The command “windres” is not found on my Ubuntu or Arch computers.
Using mingw-w64-x86-64

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No answer for now.

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