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About linux : How-do-I-remotely-execute-a-prespecified-command-with-authentication-across-a-local-network-on-Linux

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I have two Debian Linux servers on the same network. I would like server A to execute this command on server B: run.sh VARIABLE, and it needs to be able to process the output of said command – however, I do not want the contents of run.sh to be viewable to server A. I need there to be some kind of authentication between these two machines as well.

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Your specs are somewhat vague. Assuming that run.sh exists somewhere on server B, the easiest would be to use an ssh forced command and using a key-pair for the ssh connection.

You define the forced command in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on server B and pull the VARIABLE out of SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND in run.sh.

server A never gets to see run.sh, is able to pass arguments to run.sh. and running run.sh is all it can ever do …

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way you can accomplish this is to setup a standalone python REST server. On the client side you can use any client, even curl or python requests.

How to make a simple Python REST server and client?

As authentication it can be as simple as requiring a username and password in the JSON fields.

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