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About linux : How-do-I-get-arm-elf-as-on-linux

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A make file I’m trying to make has arm-elf-as. I’ve installed binutils gcc all the stuff I assumed Id need shouldnt arm-elf-as come with that? where can I get this bad boy. I see a lot of questions on here about arm-elf-gcc eabi etc. It has something to do with gnu maybe I should just install a gnu machine on a vm. Ive also googled and came up with gas or I assume gnu as and this webpage https://manned.org/arm-elf-as/f4fae7b2 but no instructions on what arm-elf-as is in. Or how to get it. Its unbuntu, project to be made https://github.com/jeanthom/ibugger

ok I think I found what the problem is AS is in /usr/bin but

NAME ?= flasher
LS = ls.x

LIBGCC = /cygdrive/c/programme/gnuarm/lib/gcc/arm-elf/4.1.1/libgcc.a <<

changed to LIBGCC = /usr/lib/gcc-cross/arm-linux-gnueabi/9/libgcc.a but no dice.

Question Answer

You can simply

sudo apt-get -y install binutils-arm-none-eabi 

and change your makefile from arm-elf-whatever to arm-none-eabi-whatever as the arm-elf builds are a thing of the past generally.

Or you can build from sources, and I just tested this and it is okay with building arm-elf


# Usage
# sudo ./build_arm-elf

# Setup vars
export TARGET=arm-elf
export PREFIX=/opt/gnuarmelf
export PATH=$PATH:$PREFIX/bin
export JN='-j 4'

export BINUVER=2.37

rm -rf build-*
rm -rf binutils-*

# Get archives
wget https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/binutils/binutils-$BINUVER.tar.gz

# Extract archives
tar xf binutils-$BINUVER.tar.gz

# Build binutils
mkdir build-binutils
cd build-binutils
../binutils-$BINUVER/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$PREFIX
echo "MAKEINFO = :" >> Makefile
make $JN all
sudo make install

can change the BINUVER to some older version if so desired.


then you can use arm-elf-as or arm-elf-ld, etc.

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