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About linux : Get-lines-from-a-file-with-a-specific-pattern-in-Bash

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I have this file:

this is line 1
this is line 2
this is line 3
this is line 4
this is line 5

I would like to get, in a bash script, all lines (with tabs) which contains, for example, the pattern “”. By this way, I would get:

this is line 1
this is line 4

But i don’t want this result:

this is line 1 this is line 4

I tried it with sed without success:

body=`sed -n -e '/$var/p' $file`
echo $body

Thanks beforehand!

Question Answer

awk to the rescue!

$ awk -v var='' '$NF==var' file

this is line 1
this is line 4

Following sed may help you on same.

sed -n "/$var/p"  Input_file

Or in awk following will help on same.

awk -v var="$var" 'var==$NF'  Input_file

A simple grep command could do that:

grep filename

Or a more “complex” grep command could do that and write it to another file:

grep filename > new_filename

Hope this helps!

Assuming the data format is well defined like you said:

"this is line <seq> <ip>" 

you could do simply this:

cat file | egrep "$"

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