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About linux : Databricks-tar-command-using-sh-for-multiple-files-as-opposed-to

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Databricks Community Edition use cells in Notebooks.

The following works:

tar -cvf AA_01.tar /FileStore/tables/my_cloud_dir tar1.txt tar2.txt tar3.txt 

The following works but shows no output:

tar -tvf aa_01.tar 
  1. Where is the output stored?

The following does not:

tar -cvzf AA_02.tar.gz /FileStore/tables/my_cloud_dir tar1.txt tar2.txt tar3.txt 

Neither does this:

tar -cvzf AA_03.tar.gz /FileStore/tables/my_cloud_dir 
  1. Does this mean we need some extra installation for .gz files?

Question Answer

No answer for now.

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