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About linux : Crontab-has-no-access-to-docker-commands-closed

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Recently I started working on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS machine. I have created a small project which should run from a docker container with command:

docker run docker_name "2022-04-11"

This command runs like a charm when I run it manually (I have sudo permissions), but breaks when I try to run it from sudo crontab.

I tried to log all output from the crontab to file myjob.log with command:

0 1 * * * docker run docker_name "2022-04-11" >> /home/projects/project/myjob.log 2>&1

Then I saw that myjob.log file contains an error message:

/bin/sh: 1: docker: not found

It got me confused. Why I can run docker commands, but crontab can’t?

Question Answer

Check you crontab you are probably missing something like:


If you are running as your user not root you have to add it to the top.

The short of it is that your $PATH isn’t set so you can’t find the docker command.

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