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About linux : azure-linux-web-app-whitelist-IP-gets-401-error

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Our website is hosted on the Azure Linux web app, the site pulls data from third-party vendors. So we need to whitelist our website IP address to their server but after adding the IP for whitelisting still getting 401 unauthorized errors.

We checked the vendor and the IP has been configured properly but why we are getting 401 errors while pulling data via API call.

The IP address we found from Azure Portal –> web app –> select properties and the virtual IP address.

Any help or recommendation will be helpful.

Question Answer

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to whitelist the web app against the firewall for the third-party vendors app?

If so, then the virtual IP address that you have added is the ingress IP address for the web app. You need to add the outbound IP addresses from the Properties blade for the web app to the vendor’s firewall.

You should note that there can be up to 11 of these IP addresses. Also, if you scale the web app up or down to a different service plan, or perform any change that will result in a new scale plan, the IP addresses will change. This does not apply to scaling out to multiple instances.

Using a static IP address solved the problem.

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