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About linux : Activating-https-certbot-with-glasfish5when-logging-into-the-app-the-dns-changes-to-the-ip

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i have a problem when use https,im used glasfish5 and certbot,all running on centos 8.
certbot execute successfully.
the first entry I make to my web application in the url https://mydomain/login runs normally, but when I login it redirects me to https://ipaddress/login replacing my dns.

I don’t know what could be happening, I would be grateful if you could give me an idea of what is going on.

my domain.xml networks

      <network-listener protocol="http-listener-1" port="80" name="http-listener-1" thread-pool="http-thread-pool" transport="tcp"></network-listener>
      <network-listener protocol="http-listener-2" port="443" name="http-listener-2" thread-pool="http-thread-pool" transport="tcp"></network-listener>
      <network-listener protocol="admin-listener" port="4848" name="admin-listener" thread-pool="admin-thread-pool" transport="tcp"></network-listener>

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No answer for now.

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