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About linux : Accessing-bluetooth-in-a-linux-docker-container-closed

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I’ve built a Linux container (basic kalilinux/kali-rolling) on top of my macOS and I’m trying to access my device’s Bluetooth within this container with Bluez’ hcitool scan method. However the method returns:

Device is not available: Address family not supported by protocol

The container is ran using :

docker run --rm --net=host --privileged -it kalilinux/kali-rolling:latest

# Once in root I run : 
apt-get update && apt-get install -y bluez bluetooth

Am I passing the right parameters when launching my container? I thought that by adding the --privileged flag it would allow access to all of the system’s resources and hence my Bluetooth. Otherwise, I’ve read that this might be a kernel issue where Bluetooth is not built in. Any hints as how to debug this would be appreciated.

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No answer for now.

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