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About html : Multiple-html-files-in-Email-body

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i have multiple csv files:

I’m using this script to get html output:


import pandas as pd
import sys
import json
sys.stdout = open('output.html','wt')

df = pd.read_csv('users.csv')

For other file


import pandas as pd
import sys
import json
sys.stdout = open('output1.html','wt')

df = pd.read_csv('groups.csv')

created mailheader file

To: [email protected]
Subject: my subject
Content-Type: text/html

Then run:

cat mailheader output.html output1.html | sendmail -t

It attaches both files into email body, but i would like to add file name and space between tables, is it possible ?


    output.html content



desired output:https://1drv.ms/w/s!AizscpxS0QM4hJo7PSSUarnfy8BEvg

Sorry for doc file, space between 2 tables doesn’t have to be so large, just couldn’t reduce it

Question Answer

to each file added

        <caption><b>Some Title</b></caption>

and perpended each file

echo -e "<br></br>\n\t<caption><b>HTML E-mail</b></caption>\n\t<br></br>\n$(cat 1.html)" > output1.html

and send it:cat mailheader output.html output1.html output3 output4 | sendmail -t

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