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About cmake : Add-all-files-under-a-folder-to-a-CMake-glob

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I’ve just read this:

CMake – Automatically add all files in a folder to a target?

With the answer suggesting a file glob, e.g.:

file(GLOB "*.h" "*.cpp")

now, what if I want my target to depend on all files of a certain type under a certain folder – which might be within multiple subfolders? I tried using

execute_process(COMMAND find src/baz/ -name "*.cpp" OUTPUT_VARIABLE BAR)

and then

add_executable(foo ${BAR}

but this gives me the error:

Cannot find source file:




(yes, with that spacing.)

What am I doing wrong here?

Question Answer

Turning my comment into an answer

If you want to add recursive searching for files use file(GLOB_RECURSE ...)

file(GLOB_RECURSE source_list "*.cpp" "*.hpp")

Your second example would translate into

file(GLOB_RECURSE BAR "src/baz/*.cpp")


  • file(...)
  • Specify source files globally with GLOB?

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