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About c : How-do-I-count-the-number-of-running-threads-pthreads

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If I search for counting the number of threads an application has, all the answers involve external programs like top. I want to count the threads within the application itself.

I can’t add code at the point of thread creation because it happens inside an immutable library.

I can’t read /proc.

It’s a C/pthreads program running on a few different Unices.

Question Answer

If you can’t read /proc you are a bit in trouble, unless your program communicate with another program which reads /proc

If you don’t want to read /proc because of portability concerns, you might use a library which abstracts that a bit, like libproc does

You could write a tiny wrapper for pthread_create that counts created threads and link against that wrapper after you linked against the immutable library.

Use top -H. But chances are, if you can’t read proc, top won’t work anyway. If thats the case, there is no easy way and it would depend on your specific system.

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