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About bash : Store-last-command-in-a-variable-in-Bash

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I’m want to store the most recent command in a variable. I tried the !!:p history expansion, it does get me the last command but I can’t store it in a variable.

$ last=`!!:p`
$ echo $last


Any help?

Question Answer

The fc command can be used to retrieve the previous command.

some_var=$(fc -nl -1)

Using !!:p only prints the last command, to execute the last command you would do !!.

$ mycmd="$(!!)"
$ sh "$mycmd"

That should do what you’re looking for…

The solution given above does not work inside a script file:

some_var=$(fc -nl -1)

What I did was use trap option and store the last command in environment variable before the script is called and access the env variable in script.

Add this function in ~/.bashrc

function process_command() {
  if [ "$BASH_COMMAND" != "$PROMPT_COMMAND" ];then
    export myCMD=$BASH_COMMAND
trap process_command DEBUG

Then use $myCMD variable in any script or anywhere in shell.

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