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About bash : Sed-and-UTF-8-encoding

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In SSH (Putty) I’m using a command to replace some text in a file which is encoded in UTF-8

For example

cd ~/public_html/app/Config; sed -i 's/ADDRESS_SSH/l'adresse à été correctement intégréé/g' param.php;

In the file all is OK but when displaying in the browser the accents are strange
When verifing the file param.php I found that it’s encoding was changing from UTF-8 to Europe de L'Ouest

Same problem for .xml file too

Any help to use sed without changing the encoding or maybe to add an other ssh line for rencoding the php and xml files newly in UTF-8 ?

Best regards and thank you

Question Answer

You have to ensure that the issued sed command is UTF-8 encoded.

You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Write the sed command to a file, ensure the file is UTF-8, and execute it as a script:

    file yourfile should say UTF-8 Unicode text.

    You can then run bash yourfile.

  2. Alternatively, change your terminal and shell settings to UTF-8

    printf à | wc -c must say 2, not 1.

    locale should list “UTF-8” or “utf8” in the LC_CTYPE line.

    You can then run the sed command straight from the terminal prompt.

It was on Putty configuration ==> Translation ==> Received data assumed to be in which character set ==> Choose UTF-8
Best regards

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