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About bash : Find-files-with-spaces-in-the-bash

Question Detail

I want to search for files in a folder which have a space in its filenames, f.e.

/vol1/apache2/application/current/Test 1.pdf
/vol1/apache2/application/current/Test 2.pdf

I know there’s a find command but I can’t figure out the correct parameters to list all those files.

Question Answer

Use find command with a space between two wildcards. It will match files with single or multiple spaces. “find .” will find all files in current folder and all the sub-folders. “-type f” will only look for files and not folders.

find . -type f -name "* *"


To replace the spaces with underscores, try this

find . -type f -name "* *" | while read file; do mv "$file" ${file// /_}; done

With find:

find "/vol1/apache2/application/current" -type f -name "*[[:space:]]*"

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