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Ok, so I’m fairly new to assembly, infact, I’m very new to assembly. I wrote a piece of code which is simply meant to take numerical input from the user, multiply it by 10, and have the result expressed to the user via the programs exit status (by typing echo $? in terminal)
Problem is, it is not giving the correct number, 4×10 showed as 144. So then I figured the input would probably be as a character, rather than an integer. My question here is, how do I convert the character input to an integer so that it can be used in arithmetic calculations?

It would be great if someone could answer keeping in mind that I’m a beginner 🙂
Also, how can I convert said integer back to a character?

section .data

section .bss
input resb 4

section .text

global _start

mov eax, 3
mov ebx, 0
mov ecx, input
mov edx, 4
int 0x80

mov ebx, 10
imul ebx, ecx

mov eax, 1
int 0x80

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