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About ansible : Get-node-IP-based-on-its-disk-free-space

Question Detail

I am trying to write an ansible playbook that checks for disk space on multiple servers.

This is my Ansible playbook so far:

- hosts: all
  become: yes
    - name: Check / freespace
      shell: df -h / | awk '{if($5 > 85)print (IP}'s

Basically what I want to do is as soon as the shell condition is met, I want to retrieve the IPs of all those servers that exceed 85%.

Question Answer

I’d recommend using Ansible fact ansible_mounts to get the list of mounted devices and their details.

This fact will give us:

  • total space in size_total
  • free space in size_available

So we can get the percentage of free space with:

size_available / size_total x 100 = free space

The example task below will show the device if free space is less than 15%:

    # Use this task if "gather_facts" is disabled
    - name: collect ansible_mounts facts
        filter: ansible_mounts

    - name: Show Devices having less than 15% free space
        msg: "Device with > 85% use: {{ item.device }}"
      when: item.size_available / item.size_total * 100 < 15
      loop: "{{ ansible_mounts }}"
        label: "{{ item.mount }}"


If you’d like to filter out the local device mounts, you could use regex_search filter like not item.device | regex_search('^/dev') in the when condition additionally.

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